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How does the laser marking machine make bitmaps?

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-11-06

How does the laser marking machine make bitmaps? There are three key elements to this question. First, we need to understand the laser marking machine; second: What is the bitmap? Third: How to fight?

1. Laser marking machine Laser marking machine is a kind of matching laser generator, controlled by computer software, with the principle of optical lens focusing, deflection, etc., so that the laser is projected on the surface of the product, according to the software settings With good graphics and parameters, the controllable laser will discolor or vaporize the surface of the product to form a permanent mark.

It is called laser marking machine or laser engraving machine, laser machine and so on.

I won’t make too many statements here.

2. What is a bitmap bitmap image (bitmap), also known as a bitmap image or raster image, is composed of single points called pixels (picture elements) of.

To put it in a more popular way, photos taken by our digital cameras, mobile phones, and pictures cut from computer screens can all be called bitmaps.

We can simply draw the equal sign as: bitmap is a picture, a photo.

3. How to make bitmap The most common application of laser marking machine is mostly to make vector graphics.

The simpler vector diagram is to use CDR, CAD and other drawing software to draw graphics composed of closed curves such as dots and lines. Filling parameters and marking parameters are set on the laser marking machine.

It can control better marking effect.

The laser marking machine makes bitmaps, all the marking software currently on the market, when we import the bitmaps into the software, the software will follow its own calculation function and disperse it into points of similar resolution to complete the laser marking. .

The principle is the same as that of black-and-white TV imaging.

The current bitmap laser marking is also unable to complete color marking.

When the color picture is imported into the software, the software will convert it into a bitmap in black and white mode, and automatically distribute the laser light energy according to the proportion of black and white of the picture, and finish the dark and light laser on the surface of the material. Form a black and white picture.

The laser marking machine prints bitmaps, which test the operator’s software familiarity and control of the material characteristics. If we want to engage in printing photos on the customer’s mobile phone, because there is no test This kind of material is needed for debugging. It needs to be molded at one time, which is very challenging. Another thing is to master some image processing software, such as PS, etc. After all, the photos are square, and it is best to process them into a heart shape or other patterns to be attractive. force.

So entrepreneurs who want to work on laser marking machines to print photos to customers' mobile phone cases, etc., must figure out this.

It is still very difficult.

I hope these answers can help you easily.

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