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How does the laser marking machine print the automatically incremented serial number or serial number

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-01-20

After the rapid development of technology in recent years, laser marking machines have been increasingly recognized in application. Various types of laser marking machines can help manufacturers to clearly mark the surface of products with different materials. Or text, but some friends still don't know how to use the laser marking machine to print the serial number or serial number that is automatically incremented on the product. The editor will share it with you below.

First, we open the operating software of the laser marking machine Golden Orange, and then enter the serial number that we need to mark in the text area, such as: 000001, and then select the serial number , click the function area on the left, select 'Enable Variable Text

In the 'Text Element' dialog box, select the serial number in the type, and then set the 'Start serial numberSerial number he serial number.

Seeing this, have you learned how to use a laser marking machine to print an auto-incrementing serial number? If there is anything you don't understand, you can follow it online We communicate.

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