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How does the laser printer 'insure' the safety of drug information

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-07-29

The laser printer is a high-energy laser beam used as a brush. The movement of the brush is controlled by a combination of computer and precision machinery. It can accurately print the corresponding regulatory code in the medicine packaging box. It has the characteristics of non-contact, pollution-free and high-precision processing.

With the strengthening of safety awareness, people pay more and more attention to the safety of drugs. When there is a problem with the drug, the source of direct traceability is the identification code on the drug package. It can be seen that the importance of drug labeling, the pharmaceutical packaging industry needs to strictly control the drug labeling process.

Industry insiders said that the safety of drug safety is affecting the hearts of thousands of households. The application of laser coding in the medical label industry has been widely used. Its non-contact and pollution-free marking method meets the safety and hygiene requirements of medical products. The laser coding technology used for marking is clear and intuitive and has strong corrosion resistance. It is not easy to be altered and erased to ensure the anti-counterfeiting of medical products and make consumers safer. There is no doubt that this makes the drug 'safe'.

The laser printing machine is flexible and can print numbers, text and graphics, and the number of printing lines and font size are not limited, and users can easily set it according to their needs.

Compared with traditional inkjet printers, laser printers can directly print the production date and other information on the surface or inside of the product. The marking effect is clearer, and the marking is not easy to wipe or replace. It effectively solves the problem of product fleeing caused by unclear identification, and has become a new bright spot in market sales.

For pharmaceutical companies, a clear logo is a standard method for identifying companies and long-term safe use. Therefore, for pharmaceutical companies, the use of inkjet printers can improve product image and consistent identification management, making it easier to establish image recognition and product surface beautification, which will help increase product sales in the market.

In addition, various industries are promoting existing concepts such as environmental protection and green production. The laser printer does not require frequent cleaning of nozzles and replacement of consumable parts, which is more environmentally friendly than using ink and can greatly save operating costs.

Although laser cij printers are more expensive than traditional cij printers. However, laser printers have gradually become popular in the pharmaceutical, food, and cosmetic industries to further protect product information and protect the interests of consumers.

According to different recognition forms, laser encoders can be divided into scribing and dot matrix. Among them, the scribing laser machine mainly marks the trajectory of the characters to be marked, and the dot matrix laser machine scribes some important track points of the characters to be recognized. Therefore, with the same energy, the new dot matrix laser encoder prints faster.

At present, most of the more common laser encoders on the market are scribed, and the new laser encoder adopts a new dot matrix technology, which is a kind of dot matrix dwell technology.

With the development of the pharmaceutical industry, future pharmaceutical packaging will present a more convenient and safe coding trend, and the market will have stricter requirements on laser printers. At the moment when the automation technology continues to deepen, the coding machine development company can only seize the core competitiveness and develop equipment suitable for market demand to further occupy the market.

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