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How does the laser printer perform marking operations?

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-26

Newly purchased laser printer, but how to perform marking operation when the printer arrives? The following laser printer manufacturers have sorted out the operation methods of laser printers. 1. Turn on the laser printer 1. Check the power cord of the laser printing machine and connect it to the power source. Generally, whether it is a desktop or a flying type, it is combined into a power plug. Some manufacturers may design a power plug for the laser head. A power plug for the computer. 2. Insert the key switch, turn it 90 degrees clockwise, turn on the main power, and the power indicator will light up; 3. Confirm that the laser head mushroom button (emergency stop switch) is in the released state; 4. Turn on the power of the computer host and the computer on the desktop The screen switch, you can turn on the host switch in flight mode; 5. Remove the lens cover, the laser printer is turned on, and you can accept the operator's command for marking operations;

2. Laser coding operation 1. Double-click the inkjet program icon to enter the program; 2. Select the inkjet file, double-click the date and time in the content to modify, and click OK to complete the modification. 3. Laser cij printer code testing and printing Position 1. On the workbench or production line, place a test piece equal to the height of the coded workpiece (it is better to choose the coded workpiece as the test piece), and confirm that the test piece is indeed stable; 2. Control by operating the code spraying The software performs marking. In order to make the coding effect the best, the following steps can be adjusted: 1) Adjust the focal length by adjusting the head lifting device; Adjust the power, marking speed and other parameters in the coding software; Enter the software, double-click to print the date, and drag up and down with the mouse Move, adjust the printing position to the appropriate position. 2) After completing the above steps, the printing test can be performed. 3) After the test is correct, just re-spray the code on the workpiece. 4. The steps to shut down the laser coding machine are as follows: 1. Press the red mushroom button (emergency stop switch) to cut off the power of the laser head; 2. After confirming that the industrial computer is not running any software, exit and shut down normally; 3. Rotate counterclockwise Turn the key switch 90 degrees to the 'off' position, turn off the main power supply of the printer, and the power indicator will go out; 4. Remove the key and have a dedicated person to keep it for next use; 5. Cover the lens cover.

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