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How does the laser printer reduce the failure rate of the printer?

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-27
In fact, the maintenance of all types of cij printers is the same. The laser cij printer is expensive but saves materials and is easy to maintain, and it does not require much of the surrounding environment. Small character cij printers have temperature requirements in order not to affect the ink jet of the print head, but laser inkjet printers do not have temperature requirements. manufacturers will talk about the maintenance of laser cij printers for you.

Each accessory of the laser printing machine has its own purpose. It should not be removed or damaged at will. The air filter should be replaced regularly. Secondly, keep the voltage stable. If the voltage is unstable, it will cause system program failure and hardware failure, such as circuit Board burnout, crash, phase flicker, pressure instability, etc., and can not be completely trouble-shooted;

Also note that the laser printing machine needs to be lubricated every month after use. Refuel in the oily place to keep the machine in good condition. In the event of a power failure, be sure to turn off the industrial inkjet printer's power supply immediately to prevent the printer's main control board and drive board from burning out due to excessive voltage and current when the power is suddenly turned on. Finally, note that before loosening the handle screws, any action to change the direction of the print head forcefully is prohibited; it will cause the print head to not be tightened tightly and affect the printing quality.

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