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How does the UV drug inkjet printer system obtain the drug supervision code assignment pass?

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-08
Drug safety is the top priority. Since 2005, my country has implemented unified electronic regulatory measures for drugs. There is an electronic supervision code on the smallest package of every medicine. This code is similar to a bar code, originally composed of 16 digits, and later upgraded to 20 digits. Simply put, this code is the 'identity card' of the drug. Take the variable data coding technology of drug supervision code as an example, which includes UV drug inkjet printer system, variable data editing processing, etc., drug packaging printing is usually three-level packaging printing, that is, the smallest packaging (bottle, board, The corresponding electrical supervision codes are called first-level code, second-level code, and third-level code, respectively. The variable data coding technology can be a packaging material or label printing factory entrusted by the enterprise, and the UV drug inkjet printer system is used to print the variable drug regulatory code in advance, which is suitable for large-volume and various types of pharmaceutical companies. Variable data coding technology is divided into two types, UV medicine inkjet printer system and UV digital printing system have their own advantages. The high-efficiency UV high-speed coding equipment can reach 350 meters per minute. The built-in LED light behind the Ricoh print head can instantly cure the ink just printed. The UV coding system supports variable data printing and anti-counterfeiting technology to meet the same requirements. The area of u200bu200blabeling continues to increase the demand for information. UV digital printing system, high-resolution 4 or 8-color UV inkjet printing, precision 1200dpil combined with flexible printing platform, strong configurability; one piece of printing, ready to wait, variable data, short-run printing is not available in traditional printing The price advantage is an excellent feature of digital printing. The above is the content shared today. I think the editor of the cij printer manufacturer has shared it well. You can follow the official website of the cij printer:, if you need to know about the cij printer equipment, welcome to call: 020-87227827.u200b
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