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How does UV laser printer judge the complete curing of UV ink

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-04-16
Today, Leadtech will talk to you about how the UV laser printing machine can judge that the UV ink is completely cured. How to judge whether the UV ink has been completely cured?   Determine whether the UV ink has been completely cured. We can choose the thumb pressing method, that is, press the surface of the ink layer with the thumb forcefully, and then press it back and forth several times. If the ink is stuck on the thumb, it can be concluded that the UV ink is not completely cured. There are many reasons why UV inks are not fully cured. It may be a problem with the ink itself, or it may be a problem with the UV curing system. Pay attention to the following two aspects:    If the UV ink is not used up, you must cover the lid of the ink tank and keep it away from light. We know that general sunlight also contains ultraviolet light, and UV ink will also have a chemical reaction after long-term exposure to sunlight, resulting in ink transformation. In addition, the ambient temperature for UV ink storage should be around 20°C, not too high.   The service life of the UV lamp is generally about 1000 hours. Some label printing companies often encounter the condition that the use of the UV lamp has exceeded 1000 hours and can still light up, but it can no longer make the UV ink completely cured. This is because once the UV lamp reaches the end of its service life, its spectral curve will change, and the emitted ultraviolet rays do not meet the curing requirements of UV inks. Therefore, we should accurately record the use time of UV lamps and replace the UV lamps that have reached the end of their service life in time.  Inspect the above two reasons, basically it can solve the problem of abnormal curing of UV cij printer ink
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