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How is the plastic laser marking machine used?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-02-28

Plastic plays a key role in our daily life. The wide application of plastics has affected our daily life. In order to make the image clear and beautiful, we must use a plastic laser marking machine. Plastic laser marking machine is a non-contact processing method with zero pollution, high operation precision and fast marking speed. It is the primary choice for the plastic products industry.

Compared with other materials, plastics have the advantages of light weight, good chemical stability, good electrical insulation, wide distribution of mechanical strength, and high specific strength. Today, plastic products have been widely used in various industries, such as household appliances, automobiles, mobile phones, PCs, lighting appliances, etc. Based on this, plastic has become a commonly used packaging material. Trademarks, barcodes, numbers and other signs are often used in processing methods such as printing, labeling, hot stamping, and outer packaging on plastic products. Now mark directly on the plastic surface with the laser marker.

In order to meet the huge application market demand and promote the development of plastic products, under the opportunity of laser marking, a rapid chemical reaction has taken place between the two, and plastic products have ushered in new development opportunities. The use of laser marking machines in the plastics industry has also promoted the development of laser marking machines. According to the characteristics of the plastic products industry, different plastic materials.

According to the needs of different plastics, choose different laser marking machines. For example, ABS marking machine generally uses UV laser marking machine, PE, PT, PP and other materials can be marked with ultraviolet and CO2. According to the characteristics of different industries and materials, laser marking equipment with ideal effects, simple operation, reliable performance and meeting the requirements of assembly line processing has been developed. Fiber laser marking machine: used to mark some plastic materials with high ignition point (such as PC, ABS). Green Laser Marking Machine: Almost all plastic materials can be used. Laser marking machine: Currently only used for acrylic. UV laser marking machine: can be used for various plastic materials. Since the smaller line width of UV is 0.01mm and the green light is 0.02mm, the smaller value of UV is 0.06 and the green light is 0.1.

Using a plastic laser marking machine to mark the surface of plastic products is a fast processing method, which can maintain the inherent surface characteristics of plastic products, and combine text, patterns and plastics to form a unified whole . The plastic laser marking machine uses lasers to directly generate marks, codes, characters, numbers, patterns, lines, QR codes, etc. on the plastic surface. , and marking and forming at one time, no other processing steps are required. In recent years, laser engraving on plastic is a very practical laser processing technology, which can meet the needs of customers for engraving plastic products, and is welcomed and loved by major enterprises. Our company is a professional laser equipment supplier, with a series of laser equipment, the main products are laser welding machine, laser welding machine, laser cutting machine and so on.

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