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How long does it take to custom t-shirts? Super fast T-shirt printer - for you

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-04-18
In pursuit of personality today, many young people will choose custom t-shirts to show ego individual character; The enterprises will choose custom t-shirts, t-shirts to show the enterprise culture characteristic, to increase the cohesion of the collective. Now custom t-shirts, custom dress how long will it take? Still need to wait at least a week in advance? Don't wait! The latest launch a high-speed high-definition printing double location T-shirt laser printing machine! Just a minute to print two pieces of white T-shirt. ! ! Print two black T-shirt only two minutes! ! ! To save time, efficient operation. After experienced master precision calibration, has high precision printing effect, high definition & amp; High color reduction degree, you're worth it. Choose a T-shirt laser printing machine, whether small batch clothing customization, or a small scale bulk operations can be satisfied! Want to build character of sweethearts outfit, parent-child clothing, activities, work shirt ~ T-shirt printers give you different speed, creating different summer! Summer has come, make hot style will be? Hurriedly laid hands on him to buy a T-shirt printer! For the trust of old and new customers over the years, the original price 46800 yuan of the new super fast double location T-shirt laser printing machine, now 30 preferential price! As long as 36800 yuan! Straight down ten thousand allows for all of us! ! ! First come first served! Running out the check! Contact hotline: : ( 86). 0755 - 89352274, 400 - 8316 - Miss Chen: 492 to 13265335569
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