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How long is the service life of fiber laser marking machine?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-05-02

Fiber laser marking machine, as a used machine, will have a certain loss during the working process. With the longer use time, the working ability will also be reduced to a certain extent. So how long is the service life of a fiber laser marking machine? I believe that many customers who want to buy a laser marking machine and are using a laser marking machine will want to know this question. Today, the laser editor will analyze it with you:

First of all, it is used as fiber laser marking The core components of the machine, the quality of the laser directly affects the work efficiency of the entire laser marking machine. Typical laser lifetime laboratory data is 100,000 hours. It can take 11 years to work 24 hours a day. Excluding laser attenuation, it can not be marked on the workpiece, and it can be used for six years according to the 40% output of the laser. Of course, this is the theoretical data of the laboratory, which will be different from the actual production environment and degree of use. According to the customer data of the laser, most of the fiber laser marking machines have been used at the user site for 6-7 years. Currently working well.

Develop good operating habits and regular maintenance of the machine, which can improve the fiber laser marking machine to a certain extent. The service life of laser, laser marking machine, Yantai laser marking machine, Rizhao laser marking machine Xiaobian summarizes a series of specific methods of maintenance of optical fiber marking machine below.

1) Open the computer case every year to clean the dust inside. When the machine is not working, the power supply of the marking machine and the computer should be cut off.

2) Keep the workplace and equipment clean. When the machine is not working, cover the field lens lens to prevent dust from contaminating the optical lens.

3) When the machine is working, the circuit is in a high voltage state. Non-professionals should not repair it when it is turned on, so as to avoid electric shock accidents.

4) When moving the machine, pay special attention not to damage the laser transmission tube. If there is any failure of the machine, the power should be cut off immediately.

5) When moving the machine, be careful not to damage the laser transmission tube. If the equipment is used for a long time, the dust in the air will be adsorbed on the lower end surface of the focusing mirror, which will reduce the power of the laser and affect the marking effect; When the marking effect is not good, the surface of the focusing mirror should be carefully checked for contamination.

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