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How much a handheld laser marking machine, how much is a handheld laser marking machine

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-06-21
Handheld exquisitely sensitive of marking machine, marking head like a hair dryer, hand-held header operation is very convenient, without being limited by the space. It has the fiber laser marking machine of high speed, high quality and high cost performance. Production of hand-held laser marking machine is the biggest characteristic, even in small operating room, also can put it in the car trunk, convenient operation of the hand-held laser marking machine service life 100000 hours, service life is long, often do not need to change the machine from the customers, in the process of using laser marking machine marking can save a lot of cost, with the minimum cost to obtain the biggest benefit. Hand-held laser marking machine how many money? Hand-held laser marking machine and the pillar type laser marking machine, but the size is different, the same structure. Hand-held laser marking machine price is very cheap. Why is there such a price? Now laser marking machine market is generally the price. My company's laser marking machine quality is absolutely guaranteed. Ensure free training for more than two years. High quality after-sales service. Don't worry about the future. Laser hand-held laser marking machine has the marking is clear, high precision, low energy consumption, etc. Portable optical fiber laser marking machine applies to data, processed products image vivid and clear, easy to carry. Hand-held laser marking machine equipment easy to carry, good sensitivity, environmental protection and energy saving. The customer can be at home or less space processing products.
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