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How much do you know about Ci3100 inkjet printer?

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-07
The Ci3100 micro-character cij printer can print up to 34 dots in vertical dot matrix, with a full Chinese interface, and more than 6,000 Chinese characters built-in. The circuit system, ink system, and nozzles have been innovatively designed to achieve high-stability and high-quality printing. The excellent performance and rich functions meet the needs of various industries and multiple signs. Here are a few major points for you to better understand the advantages of the Ci3100 inkjet printer: 1. The inkjet printer is easier to maintain and easier to detect: 1. The circuit system and the ink system are separated to avoid accidental damage to the machine during maintenance and use. 2. Drawer ink system makes maintenance more convenient. 3. Directly operate the closing of the individual valves and pumps of the ink system through the menu, which makes it easier to judge the malfunction of the machine and eliminate unnecessary maintenance costs. 2. The inkjet printer has complete functions, convenient and durable: 1. The automatic cleaning function of the nozzle ensures that the machine can run stably for a long time. 2. The unique 34-dot matrix design is suitable for the requirements of customers in different industries for various signs. 3. Chinese display menu, pinyin input, complete online pattern editing function. 4. Spin-type ink adding system, plug and play, no need to replace the ink tank, saving consumables. 5. It supports data transmission and can form a complete automatic identification system with other electronic devices (such as weighing instruments and computers). 6. Special printing fonts and printing modes can be customized for customers with special requirements. 7. What you see is what you get, drop-down Chinese menu, easy to operate. 3. The inkjet printer always maintains excellent printing quality: 1. The Ci3100 micro-character cij printer provides the clearest printing effect for different industries. 2. Up to 16-bit phase detection, accurate ink dot splitting position and accurate charging. 3. Specially provide special ink series developed to obtain jet printing effect.
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