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How much do you know about heat transfer printer

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-05-03
Industry is the foundation of the economy, and the output of any industry is inseparable from packaging. In order to better introduce product-related information, brand promotion, and identify authenticity, companies usually print various logos on packaging. However, while improving packaging quality, they also increase production costs. In order to protect the vital interests of enterprises, reduce costs, and ensure a competitive advantage in the market. Leadtech designed and developed an economical coding machine, namely D series thermal transfer coding machine.   D series thermal transfer printers all adopt DIKAI patented technology. It is widely used in flexible packaging industries such as food, medicine, seed industry, dairy industry, daily chemical industry and so on. The thermal transfer printer supports various Chinese and English fonts, various formats of dates, various variables, automatic generation of serial numbers, one-dimensional codes, two-dimensional codes, images, and forms. The high-quality printing effect makes each set of numbers clearly visible, and each bar code is easy and easy to scan, which truly achieves stable coding, clear pictures, and strong compatibility.   In addition to the printing effect, the design of its own structure also brings a better operating experience for the enterprise. The D series printer adopts a unique ribbon cassette reel structure, which is easy to operate and save time when changing ribbons. And its solid materials and good heat dissipation effect can make it work for a long time in various on-site environments, meeting the needs of enterprises to contact production.   Although the D series thermal transfer printer has so many advantages, it is a very cost-effective product. It not only offers preferential spare parts, short delivery cycle, but also provides free editing software to enterprises. In line with the customer first service concept, the company has established service outlets and service teams in most cities across the country, providing professional operation training and following methods, so that companies can buy with confidence, use them with ease, and worry-free.
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