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How much do you know about the relationship between UV inkjet printers and the pharmaceutical industry?

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-12-08

How much do you know about the relationship between UV inkjet printers and the pharmaceutical industry? People’s health is closely related to the quality of life and the quality of pharmaceutical products. In order to avoid counterfeit and inferior products and overdue medical drugs from harming people’s health, relevant national authorities have clearly stipulated , As long as medical drugs, health care products, the packaging must be marked with the production date, production batch number, expiration date, manufacturer and other effective information content.

In the production of modern society, cij printers have been widely used in various industries. Any industry that needs to print the production date can see inkjet and related products. Sign Technology Co., Ltd., as a professional service company in the coding industry for more than 15 years, today I will explain to you the application of UV coding machines in the pharmaceutical industry.

How to mark this information content on the medicine box? The most common method is the inkjet printing method, which is to use a UV inkjet printer to print various information content that needs to be marked on the medicine box. Coding technology is widely used in the medical industry. Packaging in the medical industry is also diversified. There are paper boxes, aluminum foil packaging, glass bottles, capsules, films, etc., no matter what the material is, a set of effective signs is required Solutions to finally achieve product anti-counterfeiting, market management, and flow tracking solutions.

In our daily life, the development and growth of the medical industry plays a vital role. The medical industry is a special industry that not only requires strict product production and processing, but also The packaging requirements are also quite strict. For example, variable production date is indispensable. On the other hand, it is to trace the drug supervision code and the anti-counterfeiting variable QR code. To achieve this effect is nothing more than using the manufacturer's branded medical cij printer. Taking into account the repeated problems with the products on the market in recent years, the extensive focus of UV inkjet printer technology has helped the development and growth of the products on the market, and the control of fakes should not be neglected. At the same time, the medical industry is now fully promoting GMP certification, which has strict standards for the use of various pharmaceutical equipment. It not only has a very high standard for the printing ability of the inkjet printer, but also has a high requirement for the IP protection level. In addition, there is a need to achieve high-speed batch production and printing capabilities of various irregular packaging shapes, and high-definition, high-adhesion coding for medical devices.

The pharmaceutical industry is divided into many types of products, and the packaging of different products is different. In this case, different cij printers are needed to achieve product inkjet coding. Commonly used packaging is carton, plastic packaging, bottled and so on. Which cij printer to choose depends not only on the needs of all aspects of the product, but also on the buyer's comprehensive purchase budget cost to recommend suitable products to customers.

The current UV cij printer has achieved a breakthrough with one product and one code. It has a leading edge, allowing consumers to buy and eat with peace of mind, thereby enhancing the safety of the pharmaceutical market Trace the source, avoid the circulation of fake and inferior products, and make the development of the pharmaceutical industry safer.

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