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How much does a small laser marking machine cost?

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-10-29

The laser marking machine is also called a portable laser marking machine. It is easy to carry and the marking effect is good. Many people like to buy this marking machine. This model has a compact design, which is very suitable for travel and when going to other places, and it has a variety of power to choose from, which can meet the marking requirements of most people.

I believe that many people who choose to start a business or purchase a machine again will have this question. In fact, anyone who knows a machine knows the doorway inside. Today, let’s talk about how much a small laser marking machine suitable for small batch engraving is worth? The portable laser marking machine is suitable for small batch engraving, gift customization, company proofing, and personal diy engraving. They have a common feature, that is, small quantity and not time-consuming.

Under the premise of the same laser marking machine, the size of the laser power will also affect the price of the laser marking machine. From the current market, there are still more small laser marking machine manufacturers Yes, and the price of a portable laser marking machine is around 2W-3W. The price of the laser marking machine also includes: brand awareness, equipment quality, after-sales service support, logistics and transportation are also the difference in equipment price. When we choose the brand of laser marking machine, the main thing we should pay attention to is the configuration, technology, and service of the manufacturer's products.

When we buy a small laser marking machine, we must look at the price in terms of performance, configuration, power, and after-sales service, and comprehensively consider it to choose a machine with higher cost performance. It is worth noting that when facing the same machine, the price is different, everyone must carefully check whether it meets the specifications.

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