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How much does the handheld printer cost?

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-27
The brand and price of handheld cij printers have always been the concern of many customers and production and processing companies. Handheld inkjet printers are very concerned. Handheld cij industrial inkjet printer manufacturers introduce the effect and price of handheld cij printers.

The working principle of handheld inkjet printers is similar to that of thermal foam inkjet printers. Generally, HP or Sec, two brand types of nozzles are used. The core parts include nozzles, software operating systems, synchronizers and handheld architectures.

The coding effect is related to the type of print head and the status of the print head. Generally, it can reach a resolution of 300DPI. Like inkjet and photo, it can achieve the print effect, which is very clear and beautiful. There are many types of black ink. , There are quick-drying type and slow-drying type, as well as water-based ink and oil-based ink. About 10,000 imported handheld cij printers generally need to use batteries, the standard battery is two, and the charger can be fully charged in 1 hour, and the use time can reach 18 hours. It is simple, durable and easy to use. Customers provide Low-cost, low-cost handhelds are also what we have been doing to improve customer use costs and effectively reduce purchase costs.
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