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How much does the rice special laser printer offer? What are the factors affected?

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-09-01

There are many classifications of cij printers. According to the coding needs of different industries, the technical requirements for the equipment are relatively high. For example, a special laser printing machine for rice is designed to meet the needs of rice processing. What is the price of this printer? Will it be affected by what factors?

1. brand

To talk about the special laser inkjet printer for rice, the first thing is to consider the different brands. The overall operation and development of the inkjet printer industry is still quite good, with major brands emerging one after another. At present, the reputation of domestic and imported cij printers in the market is still very good, but just look at the choice, there are still many people who choose to import from abroad. Relatively speaking, the price of imported inkjet printers will be much higher, while domestic inkjet printers have now been significantly improved both in technology and application. I am optimistic about the choice of brand and the application is still very good. The specific quotation should be combined with the official platform. Real-time dynamics shall prevail.

2. model

Laser inkjet printers are classified into different models and their prices are also different. Judging from the current inkjet printer equipment on the market, the model classification is still different, and specific considerations are also required in the quotation. Generally speaking, the inkjet printer is based on the character size, function setting, etc., the structure and other differences will also affect the price, it is recommended to do a good inspection first to see what kind of inkjet coding is needed for the inkjet application of the self-industry Equipment, relatively speaking, can be more easily and freely selected.

The price of the rice special laser cij printer is cheap at 20,000-50,000 yuan, and the price is more than 100,000 yuan if it is expensive. Specifically, it depends on the specifications and other parameters of the cij printer. And so on, so that the inkjet printer can play a better role.

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