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How much is a fruit of laser marking machine?

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-06-19
Fruit laser marking machine? Yes, you have no wrong, laser marking machine is fruit. Fruit laser marking machine is using our laser equipment in our fruit appearance, lettering dozen yards of a professional laser marking machine. Many fruit products to be imported with laser marking machine instead of the traditional paper label form, it also can reduce the waste of paper, so as to better protect our survival environment. The laser marking machine is fruit laser marking machine, my company production of the fruit of laser marking machine is imported CO2 laser and other components. Then the fruit laser marking machine for fruit itself have harm? The answer is no. Laser code belongs to non-contact environmental marking, due to a commodity itself does not affect. Fruit laser marking machine not only security, and environmental protection, because it doesn't have any material, only need to be plugged in fruit can be used on laser marking machine in fruit yards. Best answer theme, how much is a fruit of laser marking machine? Fruit of the laser marking machine prices in general, in more than 30000 to more than 40000, if the power is a little higher, so the price will be a little bit expensive. But whatever the price, the fruit of the laser marking machine price is pretty high.
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