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How much is a laser engraving machine?

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-06-30
How much is a laser engraving machine? Not have a clear price to answer this question, only know a probably from the market, ranging from more than 20000 to tens of thousands of the market at present, then the laser engraving machine is divided into several kinds of machine 1. Optical fiber laser laser engraving machine, 2. Co2 laser engraving machine, 3. Uv laser engraving machine, 4. MOPA laser laser engraving machine, such as different kinds of laser engraving machine, applicable to the material is different, prices also vary widely. In a word radium vulture is different for each industry. 1, see how the laser engraving machine configuration, the main use is to look at the laser is domestic or imported. Domestic for relative to more cheaper, just a bit more expensive imports. Actually most opt is domestic, different domestic brand price is different also. 2, confirm the laser engraving machine power: power off the target speed, the greater the target depth is deep. Of course the price also is more expensive. In buying a laser engraving machine power is not the bigger the better, but to see the marking what is the effect of the time. According to the demand situation to decide. 3, don't just listen to how good a manufacturer said, the laser carving machine market disorderly, many manufacturers are false technical parameters, if taobao parts manufacturers said German technology, what the German marking head, you see the whole machine quotation price is less than 20000, 20000 to buy German vibration condition is not enough, I don't believe that more than half of him to lose money sell to you, there are many not illustrates, one part is mainly manufacturers know 95% users purchase don't know; Finally see price advantage and other comprehensive consideration. The choice of which model is your decision to buy equipment. Price is an index of the equipment, not all, so it is not good of all the equipment is poor, not the same amount of comparison. Buy the laser carving machine to choose a suitable for their own, is not to say that good expensive or cheap is bad. After-sales service is also an important decisive factor. After-sales service response speed, and the probability of machine fault, and so on are considering range.
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