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How much is a laser marking machine? Three tips for buying a fiber laser marking machine

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-04-01

With the continuous development trend of high and new technology, many customers know that laser marking machine, as an excellent laser marking equipment at this stage, can greatly improve the high efficiency and quality of work. Because the fiber laser marking machine is small in size, convenient in actual operation, maintenance-free and has a long service life, high reliability and performance, and the price of the equipment has dropped sharply, the necessity of integrating into the development trend of manufacturing has gradually replaced the sales market. Other metal material marking equipment. There are many laser equipment companies of different sizes. So how to choose a cost-effective fiber laser marking machine? Three tips for choosing a fiber laser marking machine

1. Choose laser equipment according to the needs of the products to be produced and processed. Laser equipment can be divided into manual engraving, laser cutting and marking according to different application methods. Most of them are special machines, and some have various functions, which should be selected according to key requirements.


It should be considered on what material to mark. According to the difference caused by the laser, there are various types of laser marking machines such as optical fiber, YAG and CO2. For metal products or non-metallic materials, customers should choose the appropriate type of marking machine.

Fiber laser marking machine

Applicable to integrated circuit chip processing chips, computer accessories, industrial production rolling bearings, clocks, electronic devices and communication equipment, aerospace components, various Auto parts, household appliances, hardware tools and other fields. Three Tips for Buying Fiber Laser Marking Machine

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