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How much is a laser welding machine?

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-06-27
Laser welding machine technology already quite mature, so the application of laser welding machine is very common. So how much money a laser welding machines? Laser welding of different vendors would use slightly different parts, so if you advice how much is a laser welding machines, the answer is certainly not the same. Industrial products are really cheap no good goods, we suggest that you choose a bit more expensive, cheap laser welding machine is difficult to guarantee the quality, easy to leave a quality hidden trouble, and not enough power is very possible. How much is a laser welding machine? The laser welding machine on the market from 40000 yuan to 200000. We recommend that you choose according to actual needs, the appropriate power laser welding machine. Generally choose 6 - 100000 yuan of laser welding machine is quite appropriate. Please inquire laser laser welding pause type.
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