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How much is a small laser printer?

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-06-19
Actually common laser laser laser marking machine on the market now is not very big, can be called a small laser printer. So how much is a small laser laser laser marking machine? Knowing how much money a front of a small laser printer, now let's look at, the classification of the small laser printer. Small laser printer can be divided into optical fiber laser cij printer, co2 laser printer, uv laser printer. Small laser printer: there are so many different varieties, a small laser printer prices certainly is not the same. And a small laser printer and domestic and imported. A penny a points goods, the import of a small laser printer is more expensive than domestic, so many customers prefer to buy homegrown small laser printer. How much is a small laser printer? In general, small laser printer from 10000 yuan to 80000 yuan. For example now domestic fiber laser printer is about $20000. It was already very cheap, it's really a cabbage prices than in the past 20 more than the. Small type laser code pause and detailed configuration price consultation, please call.
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