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How much is a Uv printer on the market at present? - - - - - -

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-04-12
How much is a Uv laser printing machine? There is no certainty that the price is according to the different brand, configuration, size, the price also is different, here small make up for you according to the above problems under the specific analysis the price of the uv printer. Uv printer is according to the demand of the market and individual shop use of addition is commonly large printing equipment, suitable for mass production printing, shop with general personalization, quantity is very less, so use of small equipment, like A3, A4, smaller equipment shop, is commonly used Uv printer is divided into epson, ricoh, Toshiba, seiko, Mimak, these a few brands, let's see the price of different brand: 1. Epson brand, high precision printing, print medium speed, nozzle short service life, high performance/price ratio, and low price, a nozzle can manage all color, small equipment more than 10000 to more than 30000, more than 40000 to about 100000, 2. Ricoh equipment, precision of medium, printing speed, generally is a nozzle management one or two colors, a laser printing machine require multiple nozzle, life quality is much better than epson, size equipment 60000 to more than 20 which is determined according to the configuration of the price, 3. Price is the same as the Toshiba and seiko, quality and life are better than ricoh, printing effect is almost than ricoh, price range, 60000 to tens, 4. Mimak is foreign brand, this brand is very expensive, small equipment to 200000, large equipment made millions, of course quality printing effect is first-rate, the domestic market is also useful, but very few, after all, it's too expensive! Uv printers, epson is the earliest used to enter the domestic market, and then appear ricoh, but the market at present the most used or epson, ricoh second, Toshiba, seiko, also have, but much less than the epson use or. Domestic brands, also has a lot of uv laser printing machine nozzle generally use epson and ricoh, domestic do more professional, earlier is the science and technology, technical strength is strong, the machine configuration is high, the performance-to-price ratio is high, the key is and is very stable and durable.
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