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How much is ceramic laser marking

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-03-26

Ceramic laser marking machine is suitable for all kinds of metal materials (including rare metals), electroplating materials, coating materials, spraying materials, plastic rubber, resin, ceramics, etc. Using fully digital laser marking and unique laser mode selection and deep engraving technology, it has extremely high stability, accuracy and friendly operability, enabling more novel marking processes to be realized. The marking table is separated from the marking head. Design, strong adaptability and wide application range. The control system can be operated offline or networked to control multiple marking machines to work at the same time.

How much is ceramic laser marking? Please see the table below.

Our company provides laser engraving and laser marking processing services for various materials. Ceramic laser marking processing, acrylic laser marking processing, bamboo and wood products laser engraving processing, laser cutting processing, none Dust cloth, non-woven laser cutting processing, etc. adopt imported laser machine, laser engraving, hollowing out, cutting processing, no need for knife mold, rapid prototyping, flat incision, engraving, hollowing pattern can be any shape, high precision, no burning incision, No yellowing Apparel trademark industry: dust-free cloth, non-woven fabric, special-shaped cloth table, appliqué embroidery pieces, cloth hollow cut flowers and pieces, non-woven fabrics; fast cutting speed, laser automatic seaming. Denim, jeans laser engraving, etc.

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