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How much is the ceramic laser printer? What is the use of ceramic inkjet printer?

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-27

In our current lives, ceramic products can be seen in tableware, handicrafts, vases, and electrical appliances. These are inseparable from the development of ceramic craftsmanship. Ceramic laser printers play an important role in ceramic processing. , Provides efficient processing solutions for ceramic marking processing. The laser industrial inkjet printer adopts full digital laser marking and unique laser mold selection deep engraving technology. It has high stability, high accuracy, and convenient operation. It enables more novel marking techniques to be realized and provides more for ceramic processing. possible.

For some trademarks, batch numbers, dates, or patterns and numbers that have specific needs, the laser marking equipment can achieve extremely delicate marking effects, giving ceramic products a different charm. The mark is durable, wear-resistant, non-fading, and clear, not only will not affect the original quality of the ceramic products, but also increase the value of the ceramic products, so that consumers are more willing to accept it. With the rapid development of laser technology, the application of lasers in the field of ceramic technology is becoming more and more extensive. Like the current UV laser printing machine, it provides more possibilities for ceramic processing and makes ceramic products more exquisite.

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