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How much is the laser marking machine of the regular laser marking machine manufacturer?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-02-05

When you buy a laser marking machine, on the one hand, you need to find a reliable laser marking machine manufacturer, and on the other hand, you need to understand the price situation, so that you can buy a laser marking machine with high cost performance. So how much is the laser marking machine of the regular laser marking machine manufacturer? I will introduce it to you today.

The use of laser marking machine is very extensive, it can be used in many industries, such as the production of daily necessities, automobiles And machinery industry, so there are more and more laser marking machine manufacturers on the market. When everyone chooses a laser marking machine manufacturer, they will pay more attention to the price. Different manufacturers have different prices. Of course, there are many different products.

There are many types of laser marking machines currently on the market, the more common ones are fiber laser marking machines, carbon dioxide laser marking machines and ultraviolet laser marking machines. , their prices are also different.

Fiber laser marking machine is a relatively common laser marking machine, it has many configurations, power and brands, so the price is also different, generally this type The price of the laser marking machine is around 14,000 yuan. When you choose a fiber laser marking machine, you need to see if it suits your needs.

The price of carbon dioxide laser marking machine is between 20,000 and 60,000, depending on the configuration and brand , the price is different; and the price of UV laser marking machine is also various, the products of different laser marking machine manufacturers, the price is not the same, because there are many differences in the details of the products. Its price is about 40,000 yuan.

Through the above content, we have already understood the price of the laser marking machine. It can be seen that the price of the laser marking machine is related to many factors , For example, the laser marking machine manufacturer, configuration, brand, power, etc., even if it is the same configuration, then the price of the laser marking machine is also different, everyone should check carefully when purchasing.

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