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How much is the price of laser marking machine?

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-11-07

No matter what product to buy, we will always ask him for the price, like ordinary fiber laser marking machine is around 20000-42000, carbon dioxide can be seen everywhere in our lives in laser coding, and there is fiber laser marking on the market. Machine, carbon dioxide laser marking machine, ultraviolet laser marking machine, etc., each of which is used in different industries.

There are many people who don’t know much about laser marking machines, so they don’t know what industries they will be used in, and they don’t know whether they will be used in their own industries. In fact, laser marking machines are widely used. Conceptually, a laser marking machine can be used when it is useful for marking, but the specifics still need to be determined by the material. Some materials only need to be printed and do not need to use the laser, because the laser is for fine marking. If it is used on a rough workpiece, it will be a little overkill.  Laser equipment is indispensable in the manufacturing of intelligent equipment, and it is also one of the key roles for China's manufacturing to move toward high-end and intelligent.

Compared with traditional processing equipment, laser equipment has stronger processing capacity, higher precision, and improved processing efficiency.

Common lasers on the market include CO2 lasers (gas lasers), YAG lasers (solid-state), fiber lasers, semiconductor lasers, and so on.

Because of their different working characteristics, their respective application fields also have considerable differences.

For example, CO2 lasers are more suitable for processing natural materials, such as leather, plastics and other materials with relatively low hardness. In addition, CO2 lasers are also widely used in medical treatment.

Fiber laser cij printers are used in the hardware industry, sanitary ware, stainless steel tableware, medical equipment, luggage, leather bags, and gift industries, such as metal gift boxes, U disks, notebooks, and metal in the clock and watch industry Cases, case backs, spectacle frames, instruments and panels, in addition to the packaging industry and electronic communications industry mobile phone shells, laser marking of electronic components and so on.

 If you want to know more about the configuration and price of the laser marking machine, welcome to consult the laser and provide you with a series of laser configuration solutions.

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