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How much money can laser marking machine engraving make in January

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-04-13

With the continuous innovation and upgrading of the laser marking machine industry, and the popular short videos of Kuaishou and Douyin, many people choose laser marking processing to start a business, using laser marking machines to process mobile phone cases, cans, key pendants, craft gifts Laser engraving and other products, laser marking machines use laser beams to mark permanent marks on the surface of various substances. The effect of marking is to expose the deep material through the evaporation of the surface material, so as to engrave exquisite logo marks and words. Today, the laser will give you the calculation of this account. The quotation of laser processing products such as:

The laser marking processing of mobile phone shells is usually for taking photos or typing some beautiful paragraphs, signatures, etc.: the price is generally 20 yuan a piece;

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Laser marking of gold and silver jewelry: The price is generally 10-20 yuan per piece, and the processing is generally charged according to the time. In a highly competitive environment, it is 100 yuan per hour, and the quantity is discounted;

Photos in metal and wooden photo frames (fiber laser marking machine for metal, Co2 laser marking machine for wood): generally 50 yuan a piece; General wedding banquets, baby banquets, corporate events, etc.

The above list is for individuals. If you have a door, you will receive orders from companies. Such large quantities, laser marking processing generally takes a month. How much do you earn? The charging standard mainly depends on what you want to do, which generally involves the price of the laser marking machine, the cost of energy consumption, the cost of management, and the cost of labor. How much to charge depends on the surrounding market price, and then according to the operator's own business capabilities and the actual efficiency of processing, to determine whether to add or subtract from the basic price you set. 1. The key depends on what kind of processing, whether the model used is optical fiber, CO2, or other laser marking models such as UV; 2. The processing involves the complexity of the processing technology; 3. The material structure of the workpiece; 4. , The refinement requirements of the processed workpiece. It depends on how much time and effort it takes.

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