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How should the inkjet printer operate correctly in actual operation?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-06-09

In the actual operation of the inkjet printer, it is necessary to pay attention to many things, such as the consumables of the inkjet printer, to avoid unnecessary errors of the cij printer. This is also the norm for everyone to use the inkjet printer smoothly for a long time. In practice, if we can't use it very well, it will cause great harm to the equipment. So how do you actually do it correctly? Today, I will give you a brief introduction:

In the whole process of practical operation, please check the amount of ink and solvent immediately. Assuming it is less than the warning level for ink and solvent, the printer ink and solvent cartridges should be added or replaced immediately. In practice, we must also carefully check whether the pipeline or joint is leaking. If there is a problem of leakage, it should be handled properly.

Naturally, you should also pay attention to other problems with cij printers. If you do not use the copier in less than 1-2 days, you do not need to use the automatic clearing function, because the frequent use of the clearing function will cause the ink viscosity to decrease rapidly and harm the printing effect. Secondly, regularly maintain the connection between the switching power supply and the ground wire. If there is a common fault, please repair it immediately. During the detailed application process, please ensure that the print head is properly installed on the surface of the printed product. When printing, please check whether the installation of the print head and the magnetic induction sensor and the fixing device are all normal. If there is an error, you should immediately adjust it.

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