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How to adjust the font size and thickness of the packaging bag automatic inkjet printer?

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-09-02

A lot of text and patterns can be seen on our various packaging bags. This is basically done by cij printers. The high-definition texture is good, and the pattern effects are quite good. Of course, the size of the pattern of the inkjet is different, so how does the automatic inkjet printer of the packaging bag adjust the font size and thickness? What will affect the effect of coding?

1. The nozzle aperture of the inkjet printer

Take the automatic inkjet printer for packaging bags as an example. The font size and thickness of the inkjet printer are directly affected by the nozzle aperture size. . At present, there are many types of printers on the market. In combination with the different coding needs of the industry, the settings of the equipment will also be different. It is recommended to make a comprehensive analysis to choose. The nozzle diameter of the matching inkjet printer is different, and the font size of the inkjet code will also be different. You can select the appropriate nozzle according to the application needs of the inkjet to reduce the possibility of problems in the inkjet process.

2. Horizontal dot matrix spacing of inkjet coding

Generally, cij printers support custom settings. Of course, the font size of inkjet coding must also take into account the horizontal dot matrix spacing. The wedding dress can be adjusted directly through the editing page. After the editing printing conditions are found, the horizontal dot matrix spacing can be adjusted to meet the actual needs of packaging coding, and the spacing can be appropriately increased or reduced. Relatively speaking, the coding can be guaranteed. The stable use of the machine avoids affecting the coding effect.

The font size and thickness of the automatic cij printer for packaging bags will also be affected by the printing speed. If you find that the characters are relatively narrow, it is recommended to reduce the printing speed, if the characters are relatively wide, then you can speed it up speed. The specific operation and use should be carried out according to the actual coding needs to ensure the stable operation of the printer.

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