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How to adjust the inkjet printer's unclear code? What matters to note?

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-09-01

are now widely used in many industries. According to actual operation and use, clarity is a matter of concern to everyone. Take the inkjet printer as an example, if the operation of the inkjet printer is found to be unclear, how to adjust it? What are the basic things to be aware of? 1. Check the nozzle of the inkjet printer. If you find that the inkjet code of the cij printer is not clear and the picture effect is not good, you must first consider the issue of the nozzle. In the long-term use of the printer, the ink will inevitably cause the nozzle to block. If it is not cleaned in time, it will affect the coding effect of the printer. It is recommended to clean in time during actual use, dredge the nozzle of the printer, and have a more stable use effect.

2. Adjust the parameter setting requirements. According to the current needs of different coding processing, the relevant parameter settings will also be different. Try to combine the processing requirements of inkjet printers in different industries. Of course, the parameter requirements are also different. If you find that the inkjet code is not clear, you must adjust the parameters in time, especially the height and width of the characters. Ensure the clarity of the printer. 3. Pay attention to the practical inkjet printer. The inkjet coding effect is not particularly ideal. Of course, it may also be because the ink is not in place. Then you can replace the ink. It should be able to match the model of the cij printer itself, and pay attention to the quality of the ink. , To reduce the possibility of cij printers appearing. The main points for the use of the inkjet printer are these. If you find that the inkjet code is not clear, you must analyze it in detail, and adjust it according to the needs of inkjet processing. The inkjet printer has a better quality, better marking and marking effect.

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