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How to adjust the marking range of laser marking machine

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-03-20

In the process of using the laser marking machine, the user suddenly finds that the marking range of the original laser marking machine is not enough, so how to increase it? How to adjust the marking range of the laser marking machine? Generally, manufacturers will give instructions, which are too detailed and boring to read. The following laser editor will show you how to solve it.

1. First, you need to replace the field lens, which is the one below the galvanometer. Common ranges are: 110*110, 150*150, 175*175, 200*200, 300*300. The laser will understand the specific requirements of the customer (material, marking range, printing depth) before the sale and configure it, most of which are 175*175.

The larger the irradiated area of u200bu200bthe lens, the weaker the laser: If you use a 200*200 range or above lens, take a fiber laser marking machine as an example, it is recommended to use a 30W or 50W laser marking machine, CO2 laser marking machine 50W or more is recommended.

2. Just unscrew it and replace it. After changing the lens, you need to adjust 2 places. One is F3 parameter

The other is system parameter

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