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How to adjust the red dot of fiber laser marking machine laser marking machine

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-04-28

Before using the laser marking machine, we need to adjust its various parameters to the appropriate position for use, in order to minimize the phenomenon of unclear marking, the red dot of the laser marking machine directly acts on the marking On the object, it has a greater impact on the marking effect. Learning to adjust the red dot will make the marking clearer, so how to adjust it specifically:

1. Set the position of the laser red dot. When marking, the choice of location is very important. The location where the red dot falls on the marked object is the marked area where the marking machine will work. Therefore, adjusting the laser red dot so that it falls in the proper position on the marked object will help the overall appearance of the letters on the metal object after marking.

2. Adjust the height of the laser red dot. The laser red dot is actually the laser beam displayed on the surface by the laser system through the galvanometer. The laser beam is used to evaporate instantly on the marked object at high temperature and leave traces on the metal surface, thus forming the working principle of the laser marking machine. Then, the shorter the height of the metal object from the red dot, the higher the temperature of the laser emission, and the clearer and deeper the text printed on the metal object. Of course, this is also inseparable from the material of the metal object.

3. Adjust the power of the laser red dot mark. There is a red button in the main switch of the laser marking machine. Press this button to turn on the laser power adjustment switch, and shake the adjustment ring to adjust the laser power value. Usually, adjust the value to 8 to 9 appropriately.

The way to adjust the red dot of a laser marker is actually not that difficult. In order to clearly mark, we just need to adjust them, then it is not difficult to achieve a clear effect. Adjusting the red dot is also good for marking. .

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