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How to automate the marking of inkjet printers?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-01-12

Words such as logo automation, one thing, one code, and artificial intelligence have been frequently mentioned keywords in the inkjet printer industry in the past year or two. With the advancement of science and technology, more and more people have stricter requirements for the marking of inkjet

. Because of continuous progress and development, the cij printer industry can not Is eliminated, then in the product labeling industry, how to realize the automation of coding and labeling? Today, I will take you to talk about how to realize the automation of the cij printer.

First of all, a mature software development system is the prerequisite for automation. In the identification automation system, software occupies a vital position and defines the framework of the entire traceability system. In today's diversified industry development, customers also have different requirements for inkjet printers. Therefore, in terms of software, they have their own software Ru0026D team, and can communicate with customers at any time. Communication, software modification and improvement can gradually establish a new intelligent production line.

Secondly, the diversification of coding equipment is also crucial. Nowadays, the products that need to be coded are becoming more and more diversified, so the performance of the inkjet printer also has higher requirements.

From basic small-character cij printers to large-character inkjet printers, other higher-level and more convenient inkjet printers have been developed. This time the innovation is all for

In the early stage, we realized the automation of coding and marking. Only after the equipment is perfect, we can make a substantial breakthrough.

In the identification process, packaging automation is also the point that customers care most about. Many customers often face questions such as 'how to use?' and 'how to install?' when operating cij printers. Therefore, the realization of packaging automation can meet the needs of customers during use. The characteristic of 'quick and fast' pursued.

When using the inkjet printer, the control of the program cannot be ignored. From the traceability of raw materials to the relationship between one thing and one code, we are all aware of the control aspects in order to meet the needs of different customers.

I believe that the above points are the basis for the realization of sign automation, which requires the joint efforts of all signers to achieve it while satisfying different customers.

A win-win situation.

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