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How to avoid the spurt the code machine nozzle clogging problem?

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-05-21
How to avoid the spurt the cij printer nozzle clogging problem? Source: this site author: admin date: 2020 - 3 - Browse 12 0 because of the influence of the outbreak, the extension of the lunar New Year holiday this year. Now starts after the parts manufactory in consulting stenciling captain downtime, should pay attention to what issues? Captain printing time not boot possible line, such as nozzle might be the risk of blockage. To spurt the cij printer long downtime for this problem, our technical engineer to spurt the cij printer you suggest some more critical: the spurt the code machine adopts ink are fast dry, so if you don't use captain printing time, will there is a risk of jamming. So we avoid any printing the captain outage of nozzle clogging problem? 1. Last shutdown, first of all, we must, in accordance with the relevant procedural requirements of methods close spurt the code machine. Because now most of the laser marking machine has automatic cleaning function. Can according to operation procedure method to turn it off. Can significantly reduce may spurt the code machine jams. 2. Then in the last time we have to turn it off, press the power off button, recommends using a clean beaker, holding about 100 ml of solvent cleaning fluid or it is best, put the nozzle in the beaker. The benefits can be thoroughly wash the recovery circuit. If long time don't have to actually, recycling is the biggest, the possibility of pipeline jam because recycling tube directly exposed in the air. Using the above method, can thoroughly clean the recycling line. So, do not have to worry about recycling pipeline jam.

3。 Finally we some machines, such as white ink, yellow ink machine etc. , if long time don't suggest that can run on every time a period of time is better.

these Suggestions mainly for MTK, now wei in accordance with the launch of the cij printer, is an introduction of the imported technology in the domestic production of spurt the code machine, advanced are relatively stable on the function, is a high cost performance machine, long downtime nozzle blocking problem of chance is tiny, Can't be too long) , but in the choice to buy spurt the code machine consumables ( Also is to spurt the code machine ink) Aspects must also choose relatively reliable quality or is installed at the time of the original material is better. Above is to spurt the code machine company to bring you about printing the pilot time to shut down the possible existence of pipeline, such as nozzle may be the reason for the risk of clogging and the corresponding solutions, hope we can do better for the user to solve nozzle clogging problem, finally I wish you the boss starts! The business is thriving! Spring flowers, outbreak at an early date.
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