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How to choose a domestic inkjet printer?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-07-25
The domestic inkjet printers are relatively weak in the market. The fundamental reason is that the recognition of domestic inkjet printers in the market is not enough, resulting in a lower market share than imported brand machines. Imported brand cij printers began to enter the Chinese market around 1990, and they set up manufacturing and assembly plants in China. They are also making continuous efforts to provide better localized services and reduce product costs. Today, the editor will talk to you about how to choose a domestic inkjet printer? We analyze the market status, brand influence, product quality, price, application and other aspects one by one. 1. Market status.

More and more factories will use inkjet printers to print some trademark content such as production date, batch number, expiration date, and automatic coding, not only for anti-counterfeiting but also to improve user satisfaction. Product labeling has become very common, and people's awareness of labeling has also been greatly enhanced. More manufacturers are willing to invest money and energy to improve the content of production labels to enhance product competitiveness. Through the upgrade of the logo, not only can the basic information be displayed, but also a bridge to communicate with consumers can be built, and various functions such as anti-counterfeiting, anti-channeling, distribution management, and end-customer marketing can be realized. Domestic inkjet printers are mainly concentrated in beverages, beer, mineral water, cosmetics and other industries, but have also begun to be used in wire and cable, non-staple food, cigarettes, batteries and other industries. The food industry inkjet printer is a relatively large market.

2. Brand influence. In the cij printer market, we can see a variety of brands and machine models from different countries, they all have their own characteristics and advantages, such as the familiar American Videojet, British Domino, French Imaje , Japan's Hitachi and other brands. Imported machines represent the absolute advantage of stability and performance. In fact, in the development of many years, this situation has not been effectively improved. Although domestic inkjet printers have been greatly improved, there are still some potential gaps compared with inkjet printers in some developed countries, especially in the business of small character cij printers. It is undeniable that with the strong technical research and development depth of industrial marking equipment, domestic self-owned brand machines already have huge advantages in the product line, making many self-owned machines stand out. 3. Industry application. Not only ink jet printers, but also laser printers have honed the trust of customers in years of market sales. More brand owners or large-scale production and processing enterprises have begun to choose laser marking to improve product packaging. It is understood that laser inkjet printers became a new bright spot in market sales last year. Since laser inkjet printer printing is a permanent mark that cannot be erased, it can help identify specific product marks that look very similar to genuine products, but because there is no laser inkjet printer, It is easy to be identified, the laser inkjet printer has good anti-counterfeiting function, and the cost performance is also very high, which inevitably brings a certain degree of shock to the development of the inkjet printer. In this global competitive environment, it is not so important to be domestically produced. Now, how to develop and how to innovate are the main problems faced, and users will pay more attention to the stability and operation of the equipment. Fourth, the quality of quality. The requirements of many domestic brands for equipment are also increasing year by year, not only limited to Leadtech Coding, but more inclined to system integration applications. In Industry 4.0&Under the development wave of China's industry in 2025, more private enterprises have begun to find ways to lean management and information management. When it is reflected in the product, packaging has become an important aspect that cannot be ignored. For product identification, technology, as one of the well-known domestic inkjet printer brands, is not only limited to inkjet printers, but also provides Customers provide total solutions. In terms of product quality requirements, low equipment maintenance rate, easy printing speed and automatic cleaning, and operation requirements as simple as possible, these problems have become problems to be solved by global inkjet printer companies. According to the huge market in China, how to make software programs The operation is clearer and easier to grasp. Who can take the lead in solving this problem conveniently, the development of localization will be more rapid.
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