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How to choose a high-quality, low-cost wire and cable printer?

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-04-17
Due to various regulatory requirements, customer expectations, and tracking requirements, we need to print different information on wires and cables of different colors and types in different environments. Therefore, coding and marking equipment must be able to fully meet the complex requirements. For wire and cable manufacturers, the choice of coding system is very important in order to flexibly meet these requirements and operate stably in a challenging production environment, and integrate them into the production process without obstacles. 01 Factors to consider Code content-The code required for wires and cables is relatively simple, and one line of code is common. But the code may become more and more complex, for example, different customers have different message content, or if they need to meet future industry standards. Available budget-not only includes the initial purchase price, but also the total purchase cost and the reliability of related factors. If you buy it at a low price, you need to consider the possibility of paying more for unexpected failures. Substrate-Considering the color range of the material to be coded, compared to the international standard blue/brown color scheme for fixing wires, more cable colors require high-contrast coding. Some gadget manufacturers restrict the use of halogens, so the base material needs to be replaced with polyethylene (PE), which means the conversion from substrate to polyethylene (PE), is a coding scheme applicable to all materials? Production environment-also ensure that your cij printer has the appropriate waterproof level and function to operate stably in a humid, dusty or greasy environment. In addition, it is also necessary to consider the coding situation related to high-temperature extruded products and provide protection for the printer to ensure that the code can adhere to the substrate under these conditions. Testing-Does your marking supplier provide free testing? You need to make sure that the machine can meet your expectations and the requirements for a period of time in the future. Leadtech's self-implemented customer demand survey shows that the key driving factors behind the purchase of coding in the wire and cable manufacturing industry include the rigid demand for tracking function through effective codes and the stability of the coding machine. The less downtime on the production line, the lower the business cost and the lower the risk of delayed delivery. The fewer coding errors, the lower the cost of scrapping and its related business. These factors and other factors are usually interrelated. 02 Minimize waste and minimize coding errors. with smart operating interfaces reduce the risk of human error, such as entering wrong information or selecting wrong codes. Reducing such errors can further reduce scrap costs. Simple and intuitive information selection and large-capacity memory for storing different codes can ensure that the correct code is selected for the first time and every time, thereby greatly reducing such risks. that can be connected to a central PC or even monitored via a smartphone can also help reduce the probability of manual errors when switching products or messages for different products or customers. Inherent stability When the speed of the production line is faster, you need to ensure that the printer can run stably and silently during continuous operation, without frequent inspection, cleaning or recalibration. A printer failure in a hot, dry, dusty or greasy production environment will result in downtime, resulting in high costs. The cij printer with IP55 or IP65 grade steel casing or enclosed print head can prevent liquid or particle contamination, prevent clogging, and provide high-quality continuous inkjet coding. The message selection of the flexible coding system is limited, and the extra cost and delay in setting up a new message are unbearable for the production of high-speed cable wiring. The non-contact inkjet printer can quickly and flexibly change information by pressing a button, and at the same time, it can also print a variety of code sizes and styles on most materials. Changing the code quickly without stopping the printer can reduce downtime, thereby reducing delays in delivery. Quality control showing poor quality codes such as fuzzy or smudged against the cable color background can lead to rework, resulting in high costs. The quick-drying ink not only displays clearly on the cable, but also prevents ink transfer when the cable is wound. , Please make sure that your inkjet printer can print clearly visible codes on various colors and materials, and even print micro-character codes on fiber optic cables. 03Leadtech small character continuous cij printer (CIJ) inkjet printer may be the most cost-effective choice. It can print on almost all plastics. It uses a variety of inks of different properties and colors to print, so as to provide ideal contrast and Durability to ensure that the code is clearly displayed on any color substrate. In addition, Leadtech's UV curable inks have excellent adhesion properties, light resistance, and can withstand a variety of chemicals-so they are very suitable for preventing code transfer during production and preventing counterfeiting in the final use process. Leadtech small character cij printers can print one or more lines of text and simple graphics, and can print more than 2,600 characters per second. More functions can be achieved with compact print heads located above, near or below the production line. With the introduction of more and more lighter model printers, CIJ printers can move faster from one production line to another, and its installation and setup speed is faster than laser cij printers.
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