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How to choose a large format inkjet printer? What must be known?

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-09-02

Depending on the application, the cij printers will have very different specifications and models. For example, large-area inkjet printers are mainly based on large-format inkjet printers. Improve the coding efficiency, and the texture will be better. So how should this cij printer be selected? What are the requirements?

1. Look at the printing effect

From the perspective of the choice of large-format inkjet printers, the printing effect is still very important. One of the main characteristics of the inkjet printer is that the inkjet code is clear, but depending on the equipment, there will be differences in the effect. When choosing, it depends on whether the inkjet printing font is clear and beautiful enough, and whether it meets the needs of self-industry applications. Especially if you need to print barcodes and QR codes, you must be optimistic about the printing effect and choose high-definition cij printers that meet the needs of the industry.

2, look at the printing speed

The choice of the inkjet printer also needs to choose from its own printing speed, which must be able to meet the speed required by the production line. Especially in some industries that require fast printing, such as beverages and beer, you should also pay attention to the speed selection of the inkjet printer to see if it can keep up with the processing speed and whether it can guarantee high-efficiency operations. If the speed does not match, it may also produce a lot of losses.

3, look at the stability of printing

The choice of large-format cij printers, stability can not fall. It is better for the inkjet printer to provide high-definition and stable inkjet coding, increase the efficiency of inkjet printer coding, and have stable inkjet support. It is recommended to make a comparison of various brands and understand the structure and function of the inkjet printer Wait. In addition, we must be able to be optimistic about the development of the brand, and choose the right equipment based on the actual coding application needs to provide clear and stable coding.

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