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How to choose a laser coding machine brand

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-02-26

Laser marking machines have become extremely common in industrial applications, and have become an indispensable laser processing and marking equipment in industrial production, which has driven the development of laser companies, but how to choose in the face of numerous laser marking machine brands Woolen cloth?

Laser marking machine brand

I. Principles to follow:

Laser processing technology has many advantages. However, whether a specific product is suitable for using this technology, the following principles should be followed:

1. It can be solved by other existing processing methods, but if laser processing is used The method can greatly improve product quality, improve production efficiency and significantly increase economic and social benefits; or can not be solved by other existing methods, only by laser processing;

2. Pay attention to the application of laser processing and conventional processing combined processing technology, so as to make full use of their respective strengths;

3. In practical application, support domestic production. This is conducive to promoting the development of national industry and innovation; for users themselves, using domestic equipment has the advantages of cheap price, convenient maintenance and security, and suitable for my country's national conditions.

4. It is necessary to fully consider the matching links related to laser processing in the processing process;

2. The specific requirements for the selection of laser performance:< /p>

1. The laser should have high reliability and should be able to work continuously in harsh processing environments;

2. The laser output beam quality should be good, including the mode and mode stability;

3. The laser should have good maintainability, with fault diagnosis and interlocking functions, and the downtime should be short;

4. Is the laser output power large enough ( This is the key to speed and effect), whether the energy is stable (usually requires a stability of 2%, and in some cases requires 1%, so that the ideal effect can be processed);

5, the operation is simple and convenient , The function of the control key is clear, it can refuse illegal operation, and protect the laser from damage.

Three, pay attention to service and quality

If a company buys a laser marking machine with a relatively high repair rate, how can such equipment make Enterprises generate benefits and reduce costs. Product quality and service are a factor that cannot be ignored in improving the competitiveness of enterprises, so the primary factor for purchasing a laser marking machine is that its performance should be stable and the quality should be better.

At present, many small laser marking machine manufacturers have many product quality problems. This requires us to keep our eyes open when purchasing, analyze its structure, understand whether its mechanical properties are reasonable and reliable, whether the connection between the computer and the laser equipment is convenient, and whether the operation process is clearly manifested , software control is not easy to operate and so on.

Laser marking machine brand

The brand is the most important when buying a laser marking machine. It needs to be compared more, and choose a brand with a good reputation and a great reputation. , In addition, the price of laser marking machine is also a reference factor to be considered.

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