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How to choose a laser marking machine

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-11-08

How to choose a laser marking machine

  Laser marking machine has a wide range of applications. It can be said that there are opportunities to use the marking machine in all kinds of industries.

In fact, as long as the products are almost non-laser marking, many companies need to purchase laser marking machines to complete the corresponding work.

There are also many laser marking machines on the market that companies can choose.

Then, how to choose the laser marking machine?   Laser source for marking machine.

It depends on the material of the workpiece you want to process. For hardware, plastic, label paper and other materials, use a longer wavelength fiber laser marking machine; bamboo, cloth, ceramics, acrylic, leather and other materials use a longer wavelength. Short CO2 laser marking machine; if it is heat-sensitive materials such as films, fruits, eggs, cartons, strengthened glass, etc., use a UV laser marking machine with a moderate wavelength.

   Of course, does it mean that one material is only suitable for one laser source, and multiple laser sources can be used for the same material. It depends on the fineness of your processing requirements.

   Marking machine power.

Laser power is sometimes the key to determining the speed and effect. Generally speaking, like UV engraving paper, film, plastic, you can use low power 1.2W for marking, but engraving glass requires UV 3W, or even 5W The power can only be engraved; like hardware, 20W optical fiber can be used, but if you pursue high efficiency and high speed, you need 30W or higher power to achieve.

     The main hardware structure of the marking machine.

The main hardware structure of the laser marking machine, including the laser, laser scanning galvanometer, focusing system, laser power supply and calculation notification system, you only need to choose whether to import or domestic according to your processing needs, especially It has high requirements for accuracy, so please make it clear with the manufacturer.

   There is also a computer notification system and another is a computer notification system. There are many kinds of software used on the laser marking machine. Some are conventional, some are developed by themselves, or the conventional software is subjected to secondary development and decided to use What kind of software, you have to figure out whether there is a need for secondary development.

You should know how to choose a laser marking machine.

If you are not sure, then I suggest you consult a professional laser marking machine manufacturer.

Customers and technicians of laser marking machine manufacturers can provide you with or customize related equipment according to your needs to meet your daily production needs.

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