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How to choose a laser marking manufacturer?

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-11-13

The laser marking machine industry has been quietly developing for nearly 50 years. From the beginning of the unfamiliar and ignorance of the public, to the current gradual replacement of traditional technology and adding new models, it has achieved rapid development.

But another phenomenon is the rapid development of domestic laser marking machine companies in the market, and the brands and models of marking machines on the market are also becoming diversified.

In this way, customers will also shop around and compare them when buying.

Mainly compare price, quality, etc.

The demand in the market has increased, but the number of suppliers has also increased.

Therefore, the competition intensity of laser marking machine is getting bigger and bigger.

Laser takes you to analyze how to choose a laser marking manufacturer.

It is difficult to decide what kind of laser marking machine should be purchased based on simple information from websites, exhibitions, and friends chat.

When buying a laser marking machine, the important selection criterion is the product that suits you (the right one is the best), and then look at its marking speed, whether the effect of the mark is exquisite, and The service life of the marking equipment.

Then is whether laser marking equipment manufacturers can provide professional and thoughtful after-sales service.

1. The internal factors are mainly laser frequency, laser spot mode and beam divergence angle, laser power, auxiliary gas and substance during processing with reasonable optical coordination.

Internal factors are mainly paid attention to when choosing the model in the early stage, and you should follow the advice of the laser engineer to purchase.

Second, there is another factor that the customer needs to pay attention to when processing, mainly the marking density, marking area, marking depth and laser spot size.

1. When the marking density is in the same format, the same spot, and the same depth, the higher the marking density, the slower the corresponding marking speed. The reason is that the density is direct Increase the marking area.

2. Marking format Because the deflection area of u200bu200bthe large format marking galvanometer is enlarged, the marking speed of large format is slower than that of small format.

3. Marking depth is based on demand. If you need to deepen the marking depth, you need to adjust the parameters of the fiber laser marking machine to increase the power of the fiber laser marking machine. Factors such as current, so in these processes will affect the marking speed.

4. Laser spot size The smaller the laser spot, the smaller the marking volume. Therefore, the larger the spot, the faster the marking speed.

Third, you must choose a powerful laser marking machine manufacturer. If you want to buy a laser marking machine with guaranteed quality, of course, you must look for a reliable manufacturer. , The quality can not be less

Fourth, we must compare the prices of laser marking machines from various manufacturers. At present, the manufacturers of laser marking machines on the market are uneven. The first type is imported from international brands and has good performance. The price is high; it is produced by a large domestic standardization factory, with standardized management, relatively reliable quality, and a moderate price.

Second, the low prices are generally small factories that have emerged recently. They are fighting price wars in the market, which are characterized by low prices, but the quality of their products is generally not guaranteed.

And the technical level is also uneven.

It is recommended to pay attention to some domestic standardized laser product manufacturing enterprises, which have a good reputation, such as Minglei Laser, which is technically mature and has a rich product range.

Not only can it provide products with excellent performance, but the price is also in the middle. At present, it is a manufacturer with higher cost performance.

Fifth, it depends on the after-sales service of the manufacturer. Generally, when choosing a manufacturer, it is necessary to consider whether the after-sales service is comprehensive, because the quality of after-sales service will directly affect the satisfaction of consumers.

When choosing a laser marking machine manufacturer, the laser marking machine's warranty, after-sales service and other relevant regulations can guarantee the rights and interests of consumers, and there will be no guarantee after not buying it.

Therefore, high-quality after-sales service can be regarded as an important reference standard in the process of selecting manufacturers.

Many people tend to focus on the contract and price when choosing a laser marking machine, thus ignoring some of their company’s qualification issues.

Leave unnecessary trouble for future work.

In the laser industry, there are many kinds of laser marking equipment, such as: ultraviolet laser marking machine, fiber laser marking machine, CO2 laser marking machine, etc., and the points that need attention are also different.

When choosing a laser equipment company, whether there are relevant licenses, whether the laser equipment is produced by a regular manufacturer, and whether the number of people in the company has a certain scale, these are all critical.

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