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How to choose a laser printer

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-04-24
In order to seek greater development, it is a general trend for many companies to use cij printers to track and control their products. However, because cost control and actual production requirements are different, how to choose the correct cij printer is very important. So how to choose the inkjet printer correctly? We analyze and compare from the following aspects.  ① Whether it can be perfectly integrated with the existing production line, this is very important. Even if there is a machine that can meet the requirements in terms of quality, stability, adhesion, etc., it cannot match the existing production line. After buying it, the production line must be modified, which will inevitably increase production costs. ②The performance of the machine should be reliable and the failure rate should be low. Due to lack of funds, some customers have bought cheap performance test products, which not only affects production but also brings actual losses. Be sure to consider carefully before buying.  ③, the printing effect should be clear. If you need to print the company's LOGO (icon) or require clear fonts, barcodes, two-dimensional codes, etc., you need to choose a high-resolution inkjet printer.  ④, the use cost should be reasonable. That is, the cost of consumables should be economical and reasonable. If the production volume is large, it is best to choose a printer that can save the cost of consumables. Some inkjet printers are relatively cheap, but the cost of consumables is very high. If the output is not large and the funds are limited, it is worth considering.  ⑤, operation and maintenance should be simple and convenient. At present, most cij printers are basically simple in operation, but some cij printers do not have a Chinese interface, which will cause trouble to the operator.  ⑥. High-quality after-sales service is a must. First of all, we must understand whether the manufacturer's service system can provide high-speed and fast service. A complete service network and service system are necessary to ensure the normal use of the machine. .
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