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How to choose a metal laser marking machine?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-02-09

Many friends want to buy cost-effective equipment when purchasing metal laser marking machines, but what kind of metal laser marking machine is cost-effective equipment, we can learn from some aspects, Today, the editor of Harmony Tianyu will give you a brief introduction on how to choose a metal laser marking machine.

1. Check the power. There are many kinds of power of metal laser marking machine, such as ten watts, twenty watts, fifty watts and one hundred watts. When we choose the power, we still have to choose according to our own needs, and choose the metal laser marking machine with the appropriate power according to the products produced. Otherwise, if you choose high-power equipment, not only will the price be high, but you will not be able to produce good products, which will waste a lot of money, which is not worth the loss.

2. Look at the processing technology. Generally speaking, the higher the price of the metal laser marking machine, the better its processing technology, and the processing technology also determines the production quality of the product, but we still have to choose the metal laser with the appropriate technology level according to the actual needs. If the marking machine is only for profit and blindly chooses the quality of craftsmanship without considering the objective factors of society, it will become very blind and unscientific.

3. Look at after-sales service. When many friends buy metal laser marking machines, in order to save money, they will choose companies with poor after-sales service or no service. This is actually very unwise. After-sales is very important in metal laser marking machines. , because it is not a one-time product, it needs good after-sales service to provide protection.

Through the above content, we have learned what aspects to pay attention to when purchasing a metal laser marking machine. When buying a metal laser marking machine, you should Focus on its power, craftsmanship and after-sales service. Only when these aspects meet your needs can it be regarded as a cost-effective metal laser marking machine, otherwise it is the opposite.

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