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How to choose a printer supplier

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-04-29
We often look at the engraved production date on the wine bottle. Many people think that it was printed on the bottle using a model when it was made. In fact, it was wrong. The production date on the wine bottle was all laser sprayed. The cij printer is engraved on it. For glass products, metal products, and wood products, if you directly engrave the production batch number or date of production on it with a knife or hammer, it is obviously unrealistic, because this will cause great damage to the surface of the material. What are the advantages of using this professional machine for operation? First of all, it is to ensure that the substance is not damaged. The bottles or metal products we often see have some symbols engraved on the surface, but the product itself does not cause any damage. Secondly, it can make the product more unique. Some companies often hold annual meetings at the end of the year. The most popular part of the annual meeting is the lucky draw. If you are lucky enough, you may get an Apple mobile phone, but you will find There will be the company’s name and logo on the phone case, which shows that the product is unique. How is this done? In fact, it is done with a laser type cij printer. It will not touch the target, but it can be fast Print the desired pattern on it. Make the product more unique and meaningful.
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