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How to choose a suitable laser printer for your company?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-07-26
How to choose a suitable laser printing machine for your company, most users will have one or another question. Here are some ways and tricks for you.

To understand the raw materials of their existing products. Some raw materials do not absorb the energy of CO2 laser printers, such as uncoated metal surfaces, PP and so on. The degree of laser absorption of different materials is also different. For example, PET absorbs laser energy far more easily than glass, that is, it is easier to print than glass. Lasers with different powers should be used for products with different raw materials, and some products cannot use lasers. Generally, colored cartons and PET only need a laser machine. There are also people who persuade you to use it, but that only shows that his machine is not fast enough. And the machines are also more expensive. Laser machines with higher power are required for glass and metal. When understanding the Zhengming laser machine in detail, it is necessary to know whether a metal airtight laser tube is used. Due to the good airtightness of the metal airtight laser tube, there will be no air leakage. Compared with the glass tube, the airtightness of the ceramic tube is poor, it is easy to leak, and it is easy to break during transportation. Therefore, it is necessary to choose a laser tube with a metal tube when selecting a model.

When inspecting the stability of the equipment, it is necessary to understand the service life of the laser tube, and more importantly, what kind of skills the manufacturer uses to control the opening and closing of the laser tube. Since the laser is like a big light bulb, the more times it is opened and closed, the easier it is to break. When selecting a laser tube, try to choose a laser printer with fewer times of opening and closing of the laser tube. There are now two major skills: Dot Resident Skill and Scribe Skill. Both use motors to drive two sets of lenses to rotate in the x and y directions. However, the control skills of the laser are different. For the same data of a group of 20 characters, the laser machine with the dot matrix resident skill is only opened and closed once, while the laser machine with the scribing skill needs to be opened and closed 20 times. Type a character to open and close once. The higher the power, the longer the service life of the laser tube, which is a common misunderstanding. It is believed that the greater the power, the more gas will be charged, and the slower the consumption will be. The higher the power, the more heat the laser tube emits during operation. If it cannot be effectively dissipated in time, the laser tube will be burnt out. Generally, equipment with more than 50 watts needs water cooling and has a large cooling system. Therefore, high wattage cannot ensure the service life of the laser tube. If the cooling system is not done well, it will be easier to burn, and it will also increase the cost of heat dissipation. The smaller the energy, the smaller the heat generated by the laser printer, the easier the heat dissipation, and the better the stability of the equipment. The equipment can complete natural air cooling, and no external air source is required. Choosing a suitable laser printing machine is a step to obtain a satisfactory marking. It is suggested that users can briefly understand the basic knowledge of purchase before choosing a laser printer, and then choose a suitable laser for the marked product with us.
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