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How to choose a suitable outer packaging inkjet printer?

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-28
Many companies need to print barrels, cartons, cartons and other outer packaging in the production process or transportation process, so how to choose the appropriate cij printer equipment?

The large-character inkjet printer is equipped with high-speed online code marking equipment used on the production line to achieve simultaneous production and printing. At the same time, it can perform dynamic data printing based on the information in the enterprise database, reducing labor costs And the fault tolerance rate.

The large-character inkjet industrial inkjet printer is dot matrix printing, which will not damage the surface of the marked product, and can be packaged according to different materials (such as carton, wood, plastic, film, metal, glass, etc.) ) Select a special ink to facilitate the printing of the content while ensuring that the content is neat and beautiful, but also has good adhesion. Taking into account the size of the information that different customers need to mark on the product, the large-character inkjet printer has a larger printing effect. You can choose to use a single nozzle or multiple nozzles for printing. , Dust and other environments can ensure the stability of equipment and printing content, and extend the life of the printer. Enterprises need to identify some unique coding information during the shipment process to facilitate traceability management. In this case, the online cij printer cannot complete the identification work, and the handheld inkjet printer can be used to complete the work.
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