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How to choose a T-shirt custom fabrics -

by:Leadtech Coding     2020-04-19
As summertime joker sheet is tasted, T-shirt is a timeless good choice. As is known to all, also has very many T-shirt fabrics, the effect of the fabrics of different custom also is not the same. The T-shirt custom how to choose the right fabric? 1, look, that ends it or without collar T-shirt fabric we generally called how many gram, gram is higher, the fabric is more thick, choose 180 g is best. Cotton fabric on the basis of it and points, carding and combing some rough prick the hand also comb's fabrics, combed fabrics feel soft, the surface is very smooth! 2, T-shirt fabric is roughly T-shirt which has two kinds of cotton and polyester-cotton fabric, cotton fabric feel thick, soft and slippery feeling, air permeability and absorbent, and many other features. This fabric is very comfortable, feel is also very good. Want to do custom clothing, t-shirts printed? Is optional. Use T-shirt printing clothing had better choose cotton fabrics, the effect of this print is the best. Textile printing without plate making, also need not out of the film. Just be printed images, can directly print directly on the clothes design. The operation is simple, completely broke through the traditional limit colour in the silk screen printing. Textile digital printing T-shirt laser printing machine adopts imported white ink and high quality textile color ink environmental protection, better printing effect, better colour fastness to reflect. Choice, you're worth it.
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