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How to choose an inkjet printer for food and beverage packaging inkjet printing?

by:Leadtech Coding     2021-08-26

Food and beverage packaging materials include plastic, glass, metal, cartons and other types. Food and beverage inkjet printers refer to inkjet equipment that can print text, patterns and other content on the above materials. Food and beverage inkjet printers include : Small character inkjet printer, laser inkjet printer, high resolution inkjet printer (UV inkjet printer and thermal foam cij printer), etc. For food and beverage packaging, markings such as the production date are very important. With the establishment of the national anti-counterfeiting traceability system, more and more food companies are printing anti-counterfeiting traceability barcodes on product packaging to solve the problems of anti-counterfeiting and anti-counterfeiting traceability in product production and sales. 1. Small character inkjet printer In the food and beverage industry, such as date and batch number, small character inkjet printers are widely used. The ink drying speed is faster, the printing distance is longer, and the material requirements are also very low. The disadvantage is that the resolution of the small character inkjet printer is not high, and the limitation is large, and the dotted non-solid font is printed out. 2. Laser marking machine Most metal products will choose to use laser marking machine to mark text and patterns. Application industries include food, beverage, and packaging industries. The laser marking machine does not require frequent replacement of consumables, and is more environmentally friendly than using ink. The coding effect is clearer than that of small character cij printers, and the marking is permanently difficult to be tampered with. However, when the content is large, the coding speed is slow, and it is not suitable for high-precision barcode information. Jet printing.

3. High-resolution inkjet printers High-resolution cij printers include UV cij printers and thermal foam inkjet printers, high-resolution inkjet printers mainly print high-precision content, such as high-quality two-dimensional Codes, barcodes, traceability codes, anti-counterfeiting codes, etc., are widely used in food, medicine, daily chemicals, label printing, card printing, packaging and printing, medical, electronics, hardware and other industries. In terms of printing quality, UV inkjet printers are more effective, and the cost of consumables is lower than that of thermal foam inkjet printers, which is suitable for large-scale mass production. Summary: In the food and beverage industry, if you only need to print the production date, you can choose any of the inkjet printers; if you need to print barcode information, you can choose a laser inkjet printer or a high-resolution inkjet printer; if the company pursues For production efficiency (fast production line speed) or the product needs to be printed with more content, it is recommended to use a high-resolution UV inkjet printer.

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