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How to choose and buy a fiber laser marking machine

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-01-25

When you are faced with the need to purchase a fiber laser marking machine, how to choose a suitable equipment from many manufacturers, and what aspects need to be considered? Today, Xiao Bian summed up a few points for your reference.

1. Although the purpose of the fiber laser marking machine is the same, the difference in the design and production of the style makes the effect of the operation not the same. This is why it is necessary to select models and styles when purchasing a fiber laser marking machine. There are several major points in the purchase of equipment, quality, performance and price. Quality is naturally an important factor that determines the length of use of the product, and performance determines the work efficiency brought by use, but the price determines whether to buy it. The purchase of each equipment must have a price budget, and it is impossible to bear any price. Therefore, it is necessary to meet the requirements of these three points, in order to determine the purchase of a suitable fiber laser marking machine that can meet the actual needs.

2. It is recommended to choose a fiber laser marking machine manufacturer when purchasing, and has a long history, so It can ensure more long-term support after-sales service, and at the same time, it can also gain more experience in the market in terms of technology, and the naturally produced product models can better meet the needs of use and achieve higher work efficiency. And the customer coverage of similar products is wider, so it is easier for new customers to understand the use feedback of the product, and judge whether the product can meet the purchase requirements through a large number of use evaluations, which makes it easier to buy better fiber lasers Marking machine model.

3. In order to ensure that the purchased fiber laser marking machine can fully meet your own production needs, the best way is to send the samples to the equipment manufacturer for proofing in advance. Only proofing can test the marking technology level of the fiber laser marking machine to be purchased, as well as whether the configuration power meets the requirements. Proofing in advance is the safest method before purchasing a fiber laser marking machine. Now almost all marking machine manufacturers You can sample for free.

4. The long-term operation of the equipment is normal, so when purchasing, try to choose a manufacturer close to the after-sales point. It is possible to send someone from the manufacturer to repair it in time, and it can be quickly repaired so that the fiber laser marking machine can be put into use normally. been delayed.

5. At the same time, good operation will definitely make the fiber laser marking machine more efficient, and the work of marking products can be completed faster. In addition to the mastery of the use method, the important thing is the sense of responsibility. A serious and responsible attitude towards the use of the fiber laser marking machine is an important factor to ensure the safe operation of the equipment. In use, because the mastery of the steps must be in accordance with the rules, everyone can operate after training, but the sense of responsibility is the key to whether the equipment can be better maintained. Whether it is the inspection before the equipment is turned on, or waiting for the dust to be disposed of after completion, the supervision of abnormal sound during operation definitely requires a great sense of responsibility.

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