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How to choose and buy a small fiber laser marking machine?

by:Leadtech Coding     2022-02-05

What brand of small fiber laser marking machine is good? If I say that there is inevitably a suspicion of boasting, the editor thinks that the key is to find the right method. Here is a detailed introduction to how experts choose and buy small fiber laser marking machines?

First of all, make sure what material you are making, whether it is stainless steel, leather, glass, or ceramics. After confirming the marking material, confirm which machine to buy.

Second, what kind of pattern, text, or mark do you want to mark? Can it meet your marking requirements?

Third, how big is the area of u200bu200bthe material you want to mark, and whether the machine you want to buy can reach the marking area of u200bu200byour material, if you choose a large format Laser marking machine, pay attention to observe whether the laser output of each point is stable and unstable.

Fourth, the marking speed, the marking depth of the small laser marking machine is an important factor affecting the marking speed. , It is necessary to adjust the parameters of the small laser marking machine, increase the marking power of the laser marking machine, and increase the current, so that the marking speed is affected.

Fifth, precision, the minimum precision of general small fiber laser marking machine is about 2mm.

Sixth, the operation mode, now is the age of science and technology, everything needs technical support, the operation mode of small fiber laser marking machine is software control, software operation The adjustment is very simple, nothing more than adjusting the marking speed, power depth, picture and text size, and marking effect. It only takes 10 minutes to learn, it's all small problems. One is to assemble and adjust the focal length. This may be more troublesome, and it will take a little longer, but it will not waste your whole life.

Seventh, after-sales , the first one is about the after-sales service of the machine, and the second is about the after-sales service of using skills. A good businessman will definitely guarantee the use of customers in the after-sales work. In addition, in fact, small fiber laser marking machines are mechanical products after all. A good merchant will tell you what can be marked and what cannot be marked before you buy. If they have never tested samples, most merchants will let you You send samples for testing. The first reason is that customers can ensure the engraving effect and buy the machine that suits them. The second reason is that the merchant will easily sell the machine before it is determined, and there will be a loss of logistics costs.

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